The video below was created to explain Care to Plan and its Mission.

Care to Plan supports people with Alzheimer’s (and other forms of dementia) and their care partners. It is a network designed to improve access to health care and medical care information from trusted sources. The foundation of Care to Plan is the Resource Directory – which makes it easy to Find, Save, Share and Connect to helpful resources. 

The Internet and World Wide Web have become Social Determinants of Health. The growth of the Web has created an overwhelming amount of information, sometimes misinformation. As a result, finding relevant resources and trustworthy content requires navigating a maze of advertised websites through ‘trial and error’. When searching online for information, you may feel like you’re looking for “a needle in a haystack”. On the flip side, as a supplier of resources, you see yourself as the “needle lost in the haystack”. 

One of today’s challenges is competition for the mindshare of people. Medical professionals are losing patient/caregiver attention due to the increased “noise” that is a result of the Web’s rapid expansion, Internet-enabled apps, and television advertising.

The Mission of Care to Plan is toImprove health and healthcare outcomes by providing better education and enhancing access to health resources, helping people Find, Save, Share and Connect to relevant personalized resources from trustworthy sources.